Vision & Mission

Students surrounding the flag pole holding hands in prayer.

Our Vision

To be the top school choice of Central Coast families where biblical education is instilled and Christian leaders are raised.

Our Mission

The mission of CCS is to partner with parents in preparing students to serve God in all of life by providing excellence in the spiritual, academic, social, and physical aspects of education.

Expected Outcomes at Graduation

Spiritual Development

  • Students will demonstrate spiritual growth in love, knowledge of the Bible, and service to the Lord Jesus Christ.

  • Students will demonstrate Christ-like character traits as applied to themselves for service to God and others.

  • Students will demonstrate their knowledge of scripture by being able to explain and apply Biblical truth as a guide for life.

  • Students will incorporate a Biblical worldview into their lives in order to be Godly, responsible citizens.

Character Development

  • Students will reflect an intrinsic motivation to take personal responsibility for their own behavior and learning.

  • Students will develop skills to work cooperatively toward common goals and will demonstrate conflict resolution using Biblical principles.

  • Students will show respect for one's self and others.

  • Students will mature into responsible citizens who conduct themselves with personal integrity.

Academic Development

  • Students will meet or exceed the California state standards and requirements that are compatible with a Biblical worldview in language arts, social sciences, science, and mathematics.

  • Students will demonstrate critical thinking and problem-solving skills across the curriculum including application, analysis, synthesis, and evaluation.

  • Students will exhibit skills in the use of technology across the curriculum.

  • Students will write and speak a foreign language at an intermediate level or higher.

  • Students will prepare a four-year plan for post-high school education, service, and/or careers of their choice.

Physical & Aesthetic Development

  • Students will display knowledge of, and skills in, physical fitness and a variety of sports.

  • Students will demonstrate knowledge of fitness and nutrition choices that lead to a healthy life.

  • Students will reflect knowledge of, appreciation of, and skills in, the visual and performing arts.

  • Students will actively participate in one or more of the visual or performing arts.