Shawn and Jaime Pierce

“We’ve been at CCS for 7 years now and this school has truly become like an extended family for us. The small class sizes have been instrumental in forming strong, lasting friendships for our children. As each grade levels moves from year to year together, they get to grow together spiritually and get to enjoy doing life together without having to start over each year with students they don't know. Even as parents, the friendships we've made with other parents and even many of the teachers at CCS will be forever. Through our family's recent tough times and our joys, those families & teachers have always been there to help where you need it. Just knowing you have a group of people always supporting you through prayer means the world. We chose CCS because, in our family, God is always first. It made no sense to consider an education for our children where God's name wasn't allowed. God has blessed us tremendously at CCS and I look forward to all He has planned for this school in the years to come!"

- Shawn and Jaime Pierce

Joey Halderman